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Jom Beijing!

I have actually wrote about my visit to Beijing in English version. This is due to the requests from those friends that previously needs me to narrate this in English (because we don't have the google translate previously right..). By the way, in this post, please don't be too sensitive on my grammars. Of course you will see all the silly mistakes. Haha! Whatever it is, enjoy!

Jom Beijing
8/4/2009 - 12/4/2009

Travel Agent:Reliance (Fly with Malaysia Airlines)
Total Expenses:RM2600 per person Including accommodation, foods, flights and airport taxes)
Hotel:Sariz Hotel (provide halal food)
Currency Exchange:RM1 = ¥1.884 (Yuan)

Prayer time in Beijing
Visa information in China

List of halal restaurants in Beijing

This time, I'll bring you to my grateful journey to the Greatwall of a great great country! To be honest, this is one of the most unforgettable moments as we have been given the chances to look into the culture, environment, scenery and the most important thing, the richness of it's history. It was a pleasant planned as we have chose the spring season for the visits.

Day 1: 8/4/2009

Destination:Beijing, China - Tiananmen Square, Acrobatic Centre
Departure:10.30pm (Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Arrival:6.15am (Beijing Capital International Airport)
Ambient Temperature:18oC

Arrival in Beijing
There were 20 of us during the tour. As we arrived at the Beijing Capital International Airport, the temperature was so cold, compared to the night ambient in Malaysia. We shivered along the way in the airport and at a certain point, we finally stopped the coolness. Then we have been brought to a bus waited outside the terminal. Along the way to our 1st visit, we can see the beautiful colour of spring season that merely ended. After a while, we arrived at the most developed area in Beijing, with all the tall buildings surrounded us and it shows how they also had succeeded in organizing their country. ‘You have to beware of them Malaysia!’

Opera House
After a long way, the bus stopped us at in front of Opera House and yes, the tour package did not include the visit to that awesome-look-building. Oh yeah! The journey has started even that we felt so tired in the 6 hours flight. No matter what, we still need to keep on going or else, we’ll be abandoned.

Tiananmen Square
So we just walked along the street and arrived at a square land, which was said to be the administration centre in Beijing, namely Tiananmen Square. Suddenly I realized, the big building in front of me, that hanged a picture of Mao Zedong was actually a historical building of China Emperor that was built during the Ming Dynasty. They also called this as Tiananmen Gate or Heaven and Peace Gate which connected to the Forbidden City.

The Gate
Then we passed through the gate to get inside the Forbidden City, or so called Forbidden Palace and the spacious area inside the gate makes me wonder about why the China Emperors need such a big place in their lives. Of course, they couldn’t answer my question and just keep it to you. Then I read at one of the information block, that this building was built somewhere within 1406 to 1420, which consists of 980 buildings with 8,707 bays of rooms and covers 720,000m2 area. Wow! 0.1% of the size of Singapore! Then I knew that I need tough legs to get through there.

The Architecture
The scenery and architecture inside there was really great. No wonder they’ve been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987. Passing through the 9 gates, which actually far from one another, had shown the changes of cultures occurred until the end of Qing Dynasty. From the used of dragons and birds as the symbols of power and peace to the used of flowers and nature as a symbol of harmony during the Islamic era.

Sariz Hotel
After the lunch, we went to Sariz Hotel and here was where we had stayed along the 5  days. We were really grateful to look into the spacious of the rooms that has been prepared for us. It looks so awesome till we felt like a rich men and it was good to feel like it. Near to the hotel was a train station, which was a Subway 10 Line Haidian Huangzhuang station and just behind a shopping area. The place was so convenient for you to go everywhere, even to the water cube and bird’s nest of Olympic Stadium, whether by train or drive.

A Fun Ti Restaurant
After had almost 5 hours in the Tiananmen, they brought us to a restaurant namely A Fun Ti Culture, which served halal foods. Of course they have to, since this package was under the Muslims Tour group. As expected, the foods were so nice and delicious.

Tiandi Theatre
Then at 4.00 pm, we went to an acrobatic performance at the Beijing Tiandi Theatre. The art shows as they were all good in any gymnastics performance. The 2 hour show was so interesting with so many fierce and dangerous actions to be seen. Now I understand why it was so hard to maintain this part of culture. Then at 8.00pm, we had our dinner at another restaurant as our last activity for the day.

Day 2: 9/4/2009

Destination:Great Wall

Jade Carving

The first trip was to the Jade Carving Factory. Here we can see a lot of jades that were still in the making and the arts shows were so marvellous. They can also produce 7 layers of ball in a ball with very decorative designs. This factory was also selling their jades and you really have to have the bargain skills to get everything in a very low price. We also went to their crystal shop just beside the factory and for that, not much I could buy.

Cloisonne Factory
Next we moved to the Beijing Cloisonné Factory in Chongwen District. I was understood that this factory is the largest in Beijing area and you can see a lot of cloisonné and ceramics that still in production. It was said that this arts were actually invented during the Byzantine Empire and reached China during the Ming Dynasty via the Silk Road. Since then, the Chinese has become more experts in making this cloisonné.

Right after that, we had gone for lunch at a restaurant that has a view of the Great Wall of China. After we had our pray, we then rushed to the one of the greatest ancient history of the world. The Great Wall.

The Great
In this amazing scenery, we have stepped up the stairs until we met another 4th forts. That’s the only strength we have and managed to climb. Basically, the Great Wall was historically built to protect the Chinese Empire against the nomadic groups. It was built collectively between 220 BC by the Emperor of Qin Shi Huang and the majority of the walls were built during the Ming Dynasty. The length of the Great Wall is about 8,800km. The construction knowledge by all the engineers to build these walls can really be saluted as the walls can withstand the temperature from summer to winter for the whole 2,000 years.

Locks of Love

Here, I’ve seen a lot of locks hanging on the wall. They said it was one of the challenge that need to be completed during the Amazing Race Season.....I don’t remember. Thus, they need to find the key to one of the locks there. Yup, pretty amazing! Well, these locks were actually there, as symbols by those lovers and believers that their love will last as long as the Great Wall could stand. Though I know the sentiments of it, I‘ve chosen not to make it. I’m afraid if there would be sudden attacks by anybody, which will make the Great Wall falls. Then my love will end straight away. ;)

The Greatwal from Badaling

Finally, we have to say goodbye to the amazing history. After 4 hours of understanding and learned about the history and greatness of the Great Wall, we then moved on to our dinner meals near the Great Wall and that was the end of it.

Day 3: 10/4/2009

Destination:The Summer Palace

The Summer Palace

About 9.30am in the morning, we have reached The Summer Palace, which is so called Gardens of Nurtured Harmony. It’s located beside the Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake where those were actually manmade and all the soils excavated to make the lake has been used to produce the Longevity Hill. Like in the Forbidden City, you will find wonderful gardens, rooms and perfect architectural designs. As what has been told, this palace, lake and hill were given as a birthday gift to the mother of Qianlong Emperor due to the mother’s wish to stay at the nature and harmony scenery as the Forbidden City. So, an advice to the mothers, kindly bewares of what you wished for.

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Health Preservation Research Centre
Next at 1.30pm, we went to the nearest mosque for a pray. About 3.00pm, we went for some relaxation of foot massage at the Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Preservation Research Center. Believe it or not, it is owned by a Malaysian. It was nice and they even gave us an advised about our body problems. Probably they scanned it using a certain massage technique. Yup, the problems they mentioned were almost the same. Were they tested me or they really knew it, I will never know.

Russian Market
After 2 hours, we arrived at Ayisah’s Shop at the Russian Market. Truly, we bought a lot of cushion covers, runners and table mats. The prices were truly difference from what we found in Malaysia. The designs were all new and we became so crazy to choose. I thought only the ladies will be so busy, but then I noticed that all the men were also interested in these things. Not only in Ayisah’s Shop, we were also had couples of things more to filled the empty hands. But as advised by the tour guide we shouldn’t buy anything other than what sold in Ayisah’s Shop. Few of us, still not bother.

Night Food Market
Finished at Ayisah’s Shop, we went to the Night Food Market. Only half of us successfully felt the environment. Another half has no courage as they saw the things being fried. Starfishes, snakes, scorpions, bugs and all those weird animals, and these were things I really want to find out. During the walked, the smell was so stinky and I can’t even get nearer to one of the stalls. Looked at all those people who enjoyed eating made me felt disgusted! How can they eat that? Don’t ask. Keep silent as they can only say everything was delicious.

At the end of the night, we just had our dinner at the nearest restaurant and we got back to hotel around 9.30pm.

Day 4: 11/4/2009

Destination:Silk Market, Panda Zoo, Yashow Market

Bombyx Mori Silk Cocoon
Our first visit was the Silk Market. Here they will show you the process of producing the silk material from a domesticated silkmoth, Bombyx mori. The process will include the soaking of silk cocoon until the dyeing process. 1,000 silk cocoons are needed to produce 1 shirt. I can’t imagine if they want to produce the bed sheet, they might need 20,000 silk cocoons. There, we have been given a chance to buy their silk products. The price of one set of the Emperor bed sheet was about ¥6,000. Pheww.. Well, it is worth because it’s original. Just prepare the money ya..

Lazy Panda

Then at 10.00am we went to the Beijing Zoo, one of the biggest zoos that breed giant pandas. We’ve been given a free walk for 2 hours here and found 5 pandas that were kept sleeping since the time we arrived. It was really frustrated as I can’t take even a picture of these pandas clearly. Besides pandas, there were also other animals for you to watch out. But all of its were the type of usual animals that you might not have an interest with. But just keep on walking because you have 2 hours to finish.

Niu Jie Mosque

At 12.00pm we have be brought to another restaurants to fill up our empty stomach. Then we went to one of the ancient mosque in Beijing. Niu Jie Mosque, which was built in 995 by 2 Arabs on a 6000m2 area was a spacious mosque, which consists of praying hall, minarets, moon observatory tower and many others. As expected, the Chinese architecture was there to decorate the buildings. It was really nice and the utilities were also being maintained perfectly. We then take our chance to pray at the mosque and feel the ancient Islamic culture inside it. It was releasing....

Yashow Market
At 2.00pm, we continue our journey of last minute shopping at another market namely Yashow Market. Here you can find a lot of clothes with very cheap prices as long as you know how to negotiate with the sellers. Well, I spent almost ¥1,000 with a lot of things in hands. Clothes for my families, souvenirs for my cousins, bags for my friends and shoes and watches for my own. Huh, just name it. The others in our group were also shops like mad and nobody was safely gone out of the building with an empty handed. Thanks for letting us to finish-up our money like rain.

Xinjian Dance

Hungrily, we moved on to another restaurant for the dinner called the Xinjiang Red Rose Restaurant. This night was a very memorable night as there were shows organized while we were having our dinner. It was some kind of Belly dance by the mix blood gene of Chinese-Middle Eastern-Russian from the state of Xinjiang. I think they also have the look of Pakistan, Turkish and also their neighbouring countries. Whoever they were, all of them look so pretty and sexy. Even the single guys in our group didn’t miss a chance to dance with these girls when they were invited. And yes, this was our last dinner in Beijing.

Olympic Stadium at night
We reached hotel at 8.00pm and of course we won’t stopped the activity straight away. This night, I have made a ride alone with my husband to the Beijing Olympic Stadium by a Subway 10 Line Haidian Huangzhuang station. From here, we have to make a line transfer at the station of Subway 8 Line Xiaongmao-huandao. You might reach the stadium within 30 minutes from the hotel. This line is the only line that could take you to the Olympic Stadium. Luckily we arrived before 9.00pm as they will turn of all the lights surrounding the Bird’s Nest and also the Water Cube Stadiums. Since we were there under the spring ambient, the condition was also a bit cloudy but still you'll feel satisfied with the climate. You may refer to this web address for other places that you may go by using the Beijing Subway Line. (

Day 5: 12/4/2009

Destination:Beijing Olympic Stadium

The Man
Good morning again Beijing! After we completed our breakfast meals at the hotel, we started to pack-up our things and went down for check out. Our first activity for this final day was to meet the Malaysian-owned-jade shop at the Beijing Olympic Stadium, Johny. This man was understood to pledge few amounts to the Chinese Government in completing the Beijing Olympic Stadium. In returns, his family has been gifted an area for them to run any business there, beside the stadium. Knowing him as a nice person makes me feel that his family deserved to get those. We also has been given a piece of jade as a gift from him. Thank you Johny for the nice pendant.

Olympic Bird's Nest
Then we went to the stadium and have a couple of pictures with the amazing morning scenery. Differed with the night view, the place was also nice during morning. We can see clearly all the nearest buildings and also the green environment enforced by the Government. I can’t see a single smoke since day 1 and I really hope that I can see it here as there were a lot of busses moving everywhere. But I failed to see any. They were really good though.

Olympic Water Cube
As this is our last day in Beijing, we really hope that everything will went on smoothly. As the time given for us to walk around has finished, we returned to the bus that waited at the outskirts of the stadium. After 30 minutes of waiting, 1 man from our group still not turned-up. Afraid of him losing his route back, our tour guide started to go out and tried to find him. After another half an hour, the tour guide went back to us with nothing. The situation has created chaos and after another 30 minutes, the tour guide called the China police and explains the situation. Then we were brought to a restaurant for our lunch. Everybody was so panicked and those who were still shocked can’t even finished their foods. All were praying and hoping to find the man again immediately before we got back to Malaysia by 6.00pm.

Dr. Tea House
Although the man was still not found, we continue our visit to the Dr. Tea House or Cha Bo Shi Jai. Here we’ve been introduced to 5 types of Chinese Tea. The only types in mind now were Pu Erh Tea and Oo Long Tea (hope the spells are correct). These two teas were the only that I've taken and the taste were so nice. Then we’ve been taken to the tea shop to have a chance to buy any of the tea we loved.

Finally, the times up and that the Dr. Tea House were the last part in our journey to Beijing. O yeah, regards to the lost man. He was found by the local police without any ID as it has been stolen by a pickpocket during our visit at the Olympic Stadium. He was then sent to the airport and we met him exactly at the check-in counter and all of us were gratefully, clapping our hands and give our gratitude for his saviour. And for me, this chaos was one of the most interesting incidents to remember. Peaceeee.. :)

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